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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What's Growing Now

The Fall Winter Garden is growing like mad!! The Rocket (aka...Arugula) and Micro Greens..are pure insanity! The Micro Greens are actually starting to go to seed now. And they are rather bitter. The Rocket is good if you pick the younger leaves.
We have been eating the Bok Choy, Mustard Greens, Spinach, and Kale regularly. We just saute it up with garlic and onions and either salt and pepper or soy sauce and sesame oil. Depending on the meal. The Broccoli is really good looking now. I am impressed with my first Broccoli patch. Grown from seed! The Green Cabbage patch is looking nice too. We have only one big one...the rest are little still.
I have been loving looking over this seed catalog. It will be very hard to narrow it all down! I want to try so many new things!
Our garlic crop is growing great, and we will have many bulbs to share in the mid spring when they are ready. The Peas are bushy, healthy and green! And the other day I picked a peas pod off and it was like sugar! I think we will have more to pick soon and use in salads and stir fry. I love going to my garden 1/2 hour before dinner and picking our salad FRESH for that night or greens to saute. I can't wait for the summer vegetables that we grill!

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  1. Love all the pics of your yummy veggies! Wow, you have so many wonderful things growing. I really want to do something this spring. Please let me know when I should start. You're the master!


Thanks for your imput! :)