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Monday, June 22, 2009

Vintage Apron Giveaway

Recently I bought Evin her first Vintage Apron in Pink. She absolutely loves it. And wants to put it on and help me cook everyday. Here on a blog I read there is a giveaway for a mother and child vintage apron set. I hope I win!

Friday, June 19, 2009

New York Schmap Photo!

New York, originally uploaded by Random Things (jereca74).

Entry number 2 about the Schmap usage of this photo.

My Photo is Published!!!

I am so excited to have my photo of the Brooklyn Bridge included on this site. If my photo is clicked on, it takes the person directly to my flickr page. It is pretty cool! :)

Here is the email from the Company. I knew they were considering it, and they had to get my permission. But, today I found out it was going to be included!

Schmap New York Seventh Edition: Photo Inclusion
Hi Jennifer,

I am delighted to let you know that your submitted photo has been selected for inclusion in the newly released seventh edition of our Schmap New York Guide:

Brooklyn Bridge

If you use an iPhone or iPod touch, then this same link will take you directly to your photo in the iPhone version of our guide. On a desktop computer, you can still see exactly how your photo is displayed and credited in the iPhone version of our guide at:

Brooklyn Bridge

Finally, if you have a blog, you might also like to check out the customizable widgetized version of our Schmap New York Guide, complete with your published photo:

Thanks so much for letting us include your photo - please enjoy the guide!

Best regards,

Emma Williams,
Managing Editor, Schmap Guides

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Picking and Growing

I am seeing the beginning of Summer here at our home. The garden is starting to give the early vegetables, like Japanese Eggplant, Eight Ball and Italian Stripe Zucchini, Purple Queen Bush Beans, Sweet Yellow Banana Peppers, blueberries and one tomato so far. We need HEAT to get the loads of tomatoes to ripen. We have one tomato "tree" that is over 6 feet tall!!! The patio is tropical and inviting. We have eaten dinner out there several times already. The water fountain is always making it's lovely sounds to soothe and calm the garden.