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Thursday, July 23, 2009

A visit to a lovely mountain town...

The Old Barn on Highway 89 Sierra County California

With the visit of my sister and nephew over the past weekend came a drive to a beloved mountain town. The town of Graeagle California was our destination. Our family has a long history there. Dating back to my Great Grandparents. My parents both spent the summers of their youth there, and met each other in the area. Both of their parents had cabins to enjoy.So, quite frankly, the area is special. It is why I even exist!

It was a long and lovely summer day. We drove to familiar spots, soaked up the pine air and just relaxed by the Mill Pond. We visited the Mohawk Cemetery and the graves of my Maternal Grandfather and Paternal Grandmother. And the grave of my Aunt on my mothers side. That was very emotional.

It is this mountain air that we crave, and wish we could bottle up, and take home with us. We do not have family cabins to go to anymore. But, will continue to go there, and make memories with our children, in our beloved mountain town.

We found out that our treasured State Park there might be closing!!


  1. Hey Cuz!
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Nice job with the photos.. I too have connection with the area... thanks for the post..

  3. Wow, here I am not limited to 140 characters! Loved your piece & photo's here. Thanks for sharing it with me.We found the area about 8 years ago. Were finally able to buy a house in Plumas Pines 4 years ago. Our dream is to be able to retire there, Lord Willing! Talking to people in the area we have heard the same story you have. Generations have passed on a love of the place. We hope to do the same with our family. We are already making great memories already! Happy to get to know you...
    Blairsden, (you know where my Twitter name comes from :)

  4. I met my husband in Graeagle, he was a visitor, and I grew up there..Miss the pines, fresh air and Mill Pond.

  5. What great pictures - our family has a place in Plumas Pines and we have been there for a lot of years. I recognize the names Waterhouse and Newell (I'm guessing you once had the cabin on what is now Cedar Lane). Thanks for sharing the photos.

  6. Thanks for the comments! Bob Cowden, yes 17 Cedar Lane was my grandparents cabin spot. My grandfathers parents purchased the property on that prime location from The Lundy family. I only wish I had the money to buy one of the family cabins when the time came for my grandparents to sell. But, alas..they are gone. **Sigh**

  7. It is an iconic location! My family has a place on Pinecone Ct across the street from the Niebauer's and its been in our family (from my mom's side) since way back when. Glad to hear that your family still visits the area.

  8. Lovely photos, the black and white is so beautiful!
    How nice that your family has roots in this place and that you are able to visit!

  9. lovely photos Jen and so interesting to see.


Thanks for your imput! :)