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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Picking and Growing

I am seeing the beginning of Summer here at our home. The garden is starting to give the early vegetables, like Japanese Eggplant, Eight Ball and Italian Stripe Zucchini, Purple Queen Bush Beans, Sweet Yellow Banana Peppers, blueberries and one tomato so far. We need HEAT to get the loads of tomatoes to ripen. We have one tomato "tree" that is over 6 feet tall!!! The patio is tropical and inviting. We have eaten dinner out there several times already. The water fountain is always making it's lovely sounds to soothe and calm the garden.


  1. Jen, you are quite the gardener, we will have to plan on giving each other tours of our gardens! Mine needs lots of attention right now, but nothing that one good day in the dirt can't remedy!~Jacque

  2. You yard looks BEAUTIFUL! And that plate of veggies looks so yummy and pretty... like a shot right out of Sunset magazine!

  3. Thank you Jacque and Elizabeth! And thanks for stopping by to see me here! :)


Thanks for your imput! :)